The Truth About Getting Six Pack Abs

It’s no secret that just about everyone wants to achieve that ripped, muscular, defined abdmonial area and that they want to do it in the shortest time possible. It’s also no secret that many of these people spend thousands of dollars per year on bogus supplements, fat burning pills, eBooks, fad diets and abdominal machines all designed to give you the ripped six pack you’ve always wanted. While some of these things might give you a slight advantage, most people have no idea that getting a six pack is the complete opposite of what the popular fitness magazines and supplement companies will tell you.

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When most people think about the best way to achieve a six pack, they often think of doing endless ab exercises such as crunches, sit-ups and so on. While this will help strengthen the abdominal wall and prrovide them with core-stability, these people fail to realize that getting a six pack has to do with losing weight.

When I tell people this, they try to justify what they are saying by telling me “Well when you do crunches your body burns the fat from the abdominal region.”  They’ve got it all mixed up.

This is what I call the spot fat removal myth and it has been circulating around the fitness industry for decades – it also happens to be one of the largest. People who believe in spot fat removal literally think that by performing any weightlifting exercise, that the body will then burn fat from that particular area. Makes sense right? After all, fat turns into muscle.

Unfortunately, none of this is true. If it were, everyone would be walking around with ripped six packs and huge arms. Of course, this is not the case since a majority of Americans are either out of shape or obese. But how do we achieve a six pack then?

Getting a six pack has nothing to do with crunches or other ab exercises. Getting a six pack has to deal with lowering your overall body fat percentage and your body will then decide where the fat comes off – not you! Eventually, your body will remove the fat from the abdominal region (this is typically the last place fat comes off).

Are you starting to see the big picture? This is why getting a six pack is so hard. Your body fat percentage has to be so low that your body eventualy sheds fat from the abdominal region – and remember, this is typically the last place fat comes off.

So forget abdominal exercises. When it comes to achieving a six pack, they will not help you in the slightest – other than increasing the muscle size of the abdominal wall. Instead, focus on eating a caloric deficit each and every day – taking in less calories than your body needs. Additionally, focus on performing cardiovascular exercise at least 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes per session. This will allow you to lower your body fat percentage, giving you the six pack you so desperately want.

Getting a six pack is not easy in the slightest. But if getting a six pack was easy to achieve and everyone had one, then it would not be nearly as special. By following the advice I’m giving you right now, your literally going to go against everything anyone ever told you. You’re also going to be among one of the select few who have truly achieved the success of getting a six pack – 95% of people who try to get one fail miserably. Just imagine yourself walking down the beach in your new, ripped, muscular body. And when you finally are, you have me to thank! Go here to learn the truth about fat loss & bodybuilding supplements.


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