Strength Training To Lose Weight

Strength training is a fantastic way to gain muscle, lose weight and become fit. You might already know about the benefits of strength training, but I’d be willing to bet that you don’t know about the benefits of strength training.

Benefits of Strength Training

Although doing cardiovascular exercise tends to burn more calories than strength training, the truth remains that the more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn because muscle is metabolically active tissue. And strength training can definitely help you gain muscle. Go here to learn how to create a fat burning metabolism.

I would focus on the larger muscle groups like the legs, back and chest while strength training. When you build muscle in these areas of your body, you’re going to naturally burn more calories because they are larger muscle groups and require more energy to maintain.

Suggestions for Strength Training

You can definitely strength train with resistance bands and they come in all different sorts of styles and colors. You can take them pretty much anywhere, rather you’re on a business trip, vacation or are on the road.

If resistance bands aren’t enough for you, investing in some free weights would not be a bad idea. Simply buying some dumbbells can allow you to do literally dozens of different exercises. You don’t have to buy them new, used dumbbells off of Craigslist will work just as fine. After all, your muscles don’t know if they are lifting old, rusty weights or shiny, new, chrome ones. The results will be the same.

On the other end of the spectrum, for you beginners out there body weight exercises are fantastic way to pack on lean muscle and shed body fat. Exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, crunches and lunges are all fantastic examples of body weight exercises you can do. Just keep in mind that if you’ve been doing body weight exercises for a while, it’s probably time to move on to something a bit more complex, like a gym membership or investing in some free weights or resistance bands. Go here to learn how to quickly increase your strength.

Benefits of Circuit Training

If you want to see the best results possible when trying to lose weight, then make sure you couple strength training and cardiovascular exercise together. You could even combine the two if you want – doing exercises like jumping lunges, burpees and push-ups will give your body a fantastic cardio workout and will work your muscle groups out as well. Another technique is to do some cardio movements while you are resting in between sets. But you actually wouldn’t be resting during your sets, you would be doing an exercise like jumping jacks while you’re waiting to hit the bench press again. When you couple strength training and cardio, your metabolism will skyrocket.

Feeling Good with Strength Training

If you have any joint or hip pain, strength training can help you reduce the side effects of this pain. When you strength train it will help alleviate inflammation, which is a root cause of joint pain.

Strength training is not just about looking good though, it’s also about feeling and being your best!

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