Consuming Raw Eggs – Is It Really Worth It?

Eggs are a fantastic protein source. Truly speaking, they are the only ‘complete’ proteins out there, even more complete than chicken or beef. To put it simply, eggs have many more essential amino acids which are necessary for muscle growth. If you were to feed a newborn baby only eggs, it would be completely find. Nevertheless, by feeding a baby nothing but chicken or beef, it would eventually die of malnutrition.

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Despite eggs being amazing miracle foods, many people don’t cook their eggs in fear of ruining the protein. But seriously, is there any scientific data backing this claim? Now I used to believe the same thing, blending my egg up in a blender and then quickly chugging them down. I did this for about a year or so until it finally caught up with me.

One morning I woke up with an upset stomach and I felt like absolute dog $h!t. For anyone who is convinced that raw eggs are the way to go, let me just say that salmonella poisoning is not fun. For nearly a week I was confined to my bed, while throwing up several times a day. I was the sickest I had ever been and there was only one thing to blame – raw eggs.

Although salmonella poisoning is very rare and only occurs with a handful of people,  I should set an example for anyone who thinks consuming raw eggs is a good idea. But some of you are hard headed tough guys out there who won’t let a little bit of salmonella poisoning get in your way of getting the essential protein you need. After all, cooking eggs ruins the protein.

Or does it?

Let’s look at the cold hard truth here. has listed the protein quality of several common methods for cooking eggs. The higher the number, the higher the protein quality:

  • Raw Eggs – 136
  • Fried Eggs – 135
  • Poached Eggs – 135
  • Scrambled Eggs -132
  • Harboiled Eggs – 132

Alright, alright. So it’s true, raw eggs are the way to go if you want to make the most of your eggs protein quality. But the whole idea that cooking eggs will completely kill the eggs protein quality is simply a myth and if you ask me, a few extra points on the protein quality scale is simply not worth a week of vomiting and becoming a prisoner to your bed. Besides, if you’re sick you won’t be able to lift weights anyway, which means that all of the benefits you’ve gained from eating raw eggs will wither away during the time you are sick – And trust me, salmonella poisoning lasts longer than a couple of days!

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To put simply, I do not recommend eating raw eggs. You might gain a very, very slight advantage when it comes to protein quality, but in the long run it’s just not worth it.

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