Increase Muscle Size While You Sleep

I know it’s not the most exciting issue in the world, but after you read this article you’re going to truly see what makes proper sleep every night so important and why sleep deprivation is slowing your progress. If you want to experience the most explosive muscle building results possible in the shortest period of time, a proper sleep each night really is an important factor. What makes proper sleep so important?

Well, let’s take a look at what happens when you don’t get a proper sleep each night:

#1 – Your Mental Focus Will Decline

One of the biggest problems of sleep deprivation is the effects it will have on your mental state. Studies clearly show that even a single night of insufficient rest will have a significant impact on your mental sharpness and on your willingness to perform difficult tasks. Putting forth a good, solid effort when you hit the gym is very important when it comes to transforming your physique, so you must remain mentally sharp all the time.

#2 – Your Performance Will Suffer

Your bottom line muscle gains are ultimately determined by the small, steady increases you’re able to make on poundage from all of your major exercises from week to week – and keeping your strength at top level is critical when it comes to achieving this as quickly as possible. Go here to learn how to quickly increase your bench press.

#3 – Recovery Will Be Interrupted

As you’re probably already aware, your muscles don’t grow in the gym; They grow out of the gym when you’re resting and eating. The time you spend sleeping is one of the critical periods where the recovery of damaged muscle tissue takes place. Simply put, if you deprive your body of sleep, you’re going to deprive your body of the recovery process as well.

#4 – Hormonal Balance Will Be Compromised

Depriving yourself of sleep actually has a negative impact on some of the most important muscle building and fat loss hormones in your entire body. I’m talking specifically about testosterone, growth hormone and cortisol. Simply put, sleep deprivation has a negative effect on every single one of them. Sleep deprivation will decrease testosterone levels which will result in decreased muscle growth; It’s going to decrease growth hormone levels which will decrease fat loss and it’s going to raise cortisol levels, which will increase fat storage and encourage muscle breakdown.

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How Much Is Enough

So, just how much sleep is enough to maximize your results? Well, it certainly is an individual factor and is going to vary from person to person; but as a general guideline I recommend that everyone out there strive to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. And if you need more sleep, by all means take more sleep.

To Sum It Up

When it comes to gaining muscle, burning fat and increasing strength, a proper sleep at night will help you increase your mental focus and energy, peak your physical strength in the gym, allow for proper recovery time in between workouts, raise testosterone levels, raise growth hormone levels and decrease cortisol levels. That right there should be plenty of an incentive to make sure you are getting a proper sleep every night.

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