How To Get Rid of Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

If you have had gynecomastia (man boobs) in the past like me, you know how embarrassing it can be, no matter what type you have. When it comes to treating pseudogynecomastia (treated with fat loss) and “regular” gynecomastia (usually treated with surgery) we need to take a close look at several things before doing so. Of these is deciding what type of gynecomastia you have, how it can be treated and what the end results will be.

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What Type of Gynecomastia Do I Have?

As I said, there are two types of gynecomastia. Pseudogynecomastia and “regular” gynecomastia. Now although you can probably self-diagnose yourself by looking at any of the following side effects below, it is still recommended to see a doctor if you want to know for sure, since only he can know 100% which one you have. Let’s first take a look at the side effects for pseudogynecomastia.

With pseudogynecomastia, when you squeeze your chest it will feel like any other part of your body, since you need to lose body fat to get rid of this type of gynecomastia – more on that later.

With “regular” gynecomastia however, when you squeeze your chest (particularly around the nipple area) it will literally feel like a piece of rubber is underneath. Trust me, it’s impossible to miss. If you want to make sure you have this type of gynecomastia, just squeeze one of your bros chests and then squeeze your chest (while saying no homo of course). If your not enough of a man, then you can go see your doctor and he will tell you – Oh wait, you should be doing that regardless just to make sure.

That’s a picture of a guy with “regular” gynecomastia before and after. Yes, I know it’s almost impossible to look at, but it might help you decipher which one you have by simply looking at it.

Notice how round and plump the breasts are in the first picture. They literally look like female breasts, because they are (except for that hairy chest). If your chest looks anything like that, then you probably have “regular” gynecomastia.


I Think I Might Have Gynecomastia. What Do I Do?!?!?!

Calm down. As I explained before you have several options.

Let’s survey our options, starting with pseudogynecomastia again.

If you have pseudogynecomastia, you need to do one simple thing – lose body fat. Just focus on eating clean foods, eating a calorie deficit and working out. By doing this, you are guaranteed success. As your entire body gets tighter and more ripped, the fat will eventually melt off your chest and your gynecomastia will disappear. If it doesn’t, then you probably have the opposite.

As for “regular” gynecomastia, things can be a bit trickier to fix – But it can be done. With “regular” gynecomastia, you have a hormonal imbalance happening inside of your body. More than likely, you’ve turned into a female and have lost your man card. Do not despair though – You can and will get this fixed. Nothing is worse than having the hormone levels of a female. With high estrogen gynecomastia is bound to happen.

Now as I said, we have several options for this. The first would be surgery, but who the hell wants to pay thousands of dollars for that? We need to fix our hormone levels unless we want to break the bank. So if you guys want to do this, realize, it’s going to take some hard work and dedication. It all comes down to how bad you want it.

Here are some ways to get rid of your “regular” gynecomastia…..

1. The first one is my favorite. Because it’s so simple to fix. Change your diet. You’d be amazed at how much your testosterone levels are affected by what you eat and many of the packaged, processed foods on the grocery shelves today are loaded with hormone altering chemicals that can cause the dreaded gynecomastia.

Eat whole, natural foods and don’t eat anything packaged or processed. Make sure your diet is high in zinc, vitamin d, monounsaturated/saturated fats (including red meat) and avoid soy at all costs. If you need some more help with nutrition for this particular issue then you can go here to check out my anti-gynecomastia nutrition guide.

2. Sleep is Important. Because without sleep, your hormones will take a turn for the worst. To start, your cortisol will skyrocket, leading to higher estrogen and lowered testosterone. Get 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Squats are the best exercise. Because without squats (and lifting weights in general), you are not maximizing testosterone production and especially your testosterone:estrogen ratio.

Focus on heavy, compound movements like the squat, deadlift and bench press and lift in the rep range of 5-10. Doing this will allow for the greatest testosterone increase to occur. If you want to find out exactly what you need to do to improve your testosterone:estrogen ratio with lifting weights, then check out my anti-gynecomastia lifting weights guide.

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4. Supplements are your friend. But only ones that alter your hormone levels positively. Go here to learn the truth about supplements. I have a complete list of supplements that I have tried and tested with some testosterone boosters included that alter the testosterone:estrogen ratio positively. You can check them out here. 


To Sum Things Up…..

If you want to do something about your embarrassing man boobs, then you need to either lose fat, get surgery or apply those four tips above. There’s really not a whole lot more to be said, it just comes down to how bad you want it. Do you wanna be walking down the beach with a flabby chest or do you want every girl to turn and look at your chest in awe when you stroll the beach.  The decision is up to you. Choose wisely.





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