The Right Way To Gain Weight

It’s no secret that nearly every guy out there wants to get the ripped, muscular and shredded physique of a bodybuilder. I mean, come on; who wouldn’t want to look like that? In a recent survey conducted by the American Heart Association, they found that 76% of Americans find it important to them to be in good physical shape. As we can see, most everyone wants to be a healthy, happy, individual and change their physique and their life. Although getting in shape is important for most people, there is a right and a wrong way to do things. When it comes to building muscle to that skinny frame of yours, it is no different.

First off, you need to realize that there are two ways we can gain weight. That is, the long and slow way and the fast and easy way. Now before you jump the gun and say that you want to gain weight the fast and easy way, you need to realize that you will pay a hefty price for this.

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See, building muscle is a very slow process that can take several months, or even years to accomplish. It’s not easy. There’s no shortcut around it, unless you want to start taking dangerous anabolic steroids. In fact, the average newbie to bodybuilding can expect to add around 5-10 pounds of muscle in their first year. That’s it! If you start gaining weight too quickly, you’ll end up putting on more belly fat than muscle.

Don’t be one of those guys who eats 5000 calories per day, eats McDonald’s, downs milkshakes for breakfast and thinks that every scale increase is ALL muscle; when in reality, a very small amount of it is muscle and a majority of it is fat. If you want to eat garbage, not track your calorie intake precisely and just get fat, then this is perfect for you. Well, with this type of approach your at least getting your wish, you can gain as much weight as you want and it really will be “fast and easy.”

Of course, there is an alternative for the more conservative bodybuilder. Instead of stuffing your face with just about everything you can find, focus on tracking your calorie intake precisely, getting the right macronutrients in at the right time and focusing on gaining weight at a measly pace. At the most, strive to gain around one pound per week. A majority of this will be muscle tissue and although you will put on some fat (you have to if you want to gain muscle), the end result will be a physique that is much leaner and without that pregnant bodybuilder look.

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There are two ways we can gain weight – the long and hard way or the fast and easy way. But you have to ask yourself, what kind of weight do you want to gain? If the answer is tons of body fat and a bulging belly, then go with the fast and easy approach. But if your serious about building some muscle to that lanky frame of yours, then focus on good solid nutrition along with consuming the right amount of calories each day.

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