Avoid These Three Mistakes If You Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not a difficult task. In fact, losing weight is actually a very simple process. Despite this, many people follow ridiculous ‘fad’ diets and buy bogus weight loss supplements all with the hope that they will shed body fat quickly. These are just a few of the mistakes many people make on a regular basis when trying to lose weight. Check them out below.

Mistake #1-No Cardio

We all know that cardio plays an important role in losing weight, since it burns additional calories and turns our body into a fat burning machine. And yet most people don’t perform a single cardio session! Instead of sitting on you’re a$$ all day watching reality tv shows, get up and move around. Don’t worry if you don’t own a treadmill; you can get a great cardio workout in your living room by implementing some very basic exercises such as: Jump squats, pushups, jumping jacks, leg raises and the list goes on. You could even buy a jump rope if you want and jump rope in your living room. You could literally turn your living room into a virtual gym! If the weather’s nice, let’s not forget about running outdoors either.

All you really need to get an effective cardio session in is 20 minutes of your time, yourself and motivation!

Mistake #2-Too Strict

I see this all the time. People will go on ridiculously strict diets, stay on them for a while, start seeing results and then they’re back to square one! Go here if you want to eat the foods you love and still lose fat.

“But Drew, how does following a strict diet result in weight loss failure?”

Because of the munchies! That’s right, when you follow extremely strict diets for very long periods of time, I don’t care how much willpower you say you have, you’re going to eventually binge. And when you do, it’s back to square one baby! Well, maybe not that extreme, but you get the point.

And keep in mind, when I talk about binging, I’m not talking about having a cheat meal, that’s a totally different story. Binging is eating anything and everything unhealthy you can find in your house (or wherever you are). Trust me, I’ve been there. When I binge, it’s often a trip to steak & shake for the fattiest, greasiest, quadruple cheeseburger with fries, cheese sauce and a double chocolate shake. Oh, and times that amount by four. Starting to get the picture?

This is why I recommend eating a balanced diet. Sure you can eat your whole grains and lean protein, but throw in some cheesecake every now and then! And don’t forget about my favorite, a double hot fudge sundae. As long as we eat these in a balanced manner, we should have no trouble losing weight.

Keep in mind; losing weight does not occur because of a certain food we eat, but because of a reduction in calories. That’s it! So just reduce the quantity of the food you’re eating and you will see the same results as if you were eating an extremely healthy diet.

Mistake #3-Not Enough Fat

Seriously guys, what is with the whole ‘low fat diet’ trend? We should know by now that fat is not the devil, and in fact it is absolutely crucial to include in our diets if we want to lose weight.

Ever since the 1970’s and all of the studies that have been done comparing fat and heart disease, everyone has had what I call ‘fat fobia’. Of course, the government and mainstream media don’t help, since they just continue with their blasphemy that fat will kill you!

Fat will not kill you. In fact, there are numerous studies that point out that increased fat consumption will result in a longer lifespan!

Now you might be wondering, why will a low fat diet lead to no fat loss?

Well, technically we could eat a low fat diet and still lose weight, since all we really need to lose weight is a caloric deficit. Nevertheless, keeping our macronutrient breakdown about 20% fat will result in our weight loss journey being fulfilled with virtually no hunger cravings. And our mood will be boosted too!

Eating a low fat diet will also have a negative effect on your two most important fat loss hormones – testosterone and growth hormone.

Go here to learn how to maximize your testosterone levels.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Avoid these 3 common weight loss mistakes and you will be well on your way to achieving the body composition and physique you desire.

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